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Do you know what to do during your DUI court proceedings?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Criminal Defense

You may know little about what happens after a DUI arrest if you have never been in trouble. Your legal counsel will work hard on your behalf, but you also have a role to play in your DUI defense.

Instead of stumbling uninformed through your first courtroom experience—the arraignment—find out what you can do to improve your circumstances. Start with the recommendations discussed below.

First, what is an arraignment?

During your DUI arraignment, the judge reads your charges and speaks with you to determine the next step. They will ask if you have or need legal representation and how you plead (guilty or not guilty) to the charge. The judge will also decide your bail amount, if any, and announce the dates of your subsequent court appearances.

Your physical appearance

It may be impractical to purchase a new outfit for your arraignment, but you should still be tidy. Ditch your jeans and t-shirt in favor of something that projects a serious, professional appearance. Make sure you are clean and have neatly groomed hair whenever you appear before the court.

Your demeanor and conduct

Your conduct can do much to improve the court’s opinion of you and your situation. Always show respect when speaking to the judge and address them as your honor. Your representative can give you specific instructions as they are probably familiar with the judge and their etiquette preferences.

Another way to boost your odds of a favorable outcome is to learn more about Virginia DUI laws and penalties. Such knowledge guides you in making wise decisions that strengthen your DUI defense.


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