When The Charges Are Serious, Turn To A

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When The Charges Are Serious, Turn To A

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What to know about underage DUI laws

Individuals who are under the age of 21 are prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol in the state of Virginia. Furthermore, they will likely be charged with DUI if they attempt to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of more than 0.02. Motorists...

Do you plan to challenge your Breathalyzer results?

After receiving DUI charges because you failed a Breathalyzer test during a traffic stop, you may feel like you have no options when it comes to building a defense. It is true that you have a very difficult road ahead of you, but you may still have a number of ways to...

Can you get kicked out of college for a DUI?

You're at a house party with some friends, legally drinking during your senior year of college. At midnight, finally admitting to yourself that you have a class early the next morning, you decide to drive back to your own apartment. You can still get seven hours of...

Can your car be impounded in Virginia?

You thought it would be fun to go out with your friends, and while it was, you probably had a little too much to drink. You were stopped by the police, and they arrested you at the scene. They informed you that your blood alcohol concentration was over the .08 percent...

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