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Why should we sell the house in our divorce?

If you and your spouse have made the difficult choice to end your marriage in Wisconsin, you will now have to move forward with making many other difficult decisions. For many couples, one of the hardest things to wrap their emotions around is letting go of their family homes. Certainly there is a big emotional tie to a home especially when small children are involved. However, you should think twice before agreeing to let your spouse keep the house without any changes to your mortgage.

Will a shoplifting conviction have a big impact on you?

As a college student in Virginia, it's possible that you may make some decisions that could impact your ability to continue attending school. Mark B. Arthur, P.C., is here to fight for people like you who may have made a regrettable mistake, but don't deserve to have your whole life turned upside-down because of it.

Do you plan to challenge your Breathalyzer results?

After receiving DUI charges because you failed a Breathalyzer test during a traffic stop, you may feel like you have no options when it comes to building a defense. It is true that you have a very difficult road ahead of you, but you may still have a number of ways to build a strong defense, if you examine the details of your case closely and consider all defense options.

Can you lose financial aid because of a drug conviction?

If you are the parent of a Virginia college student and your son or daughter is facing a drug-related criminal charge, you may have concerns about how a conviction might impact his or her life. In addition to fines, possible jail time and other potential penalties, your college student may also face “collateral consequences” relating to the crime, with collateral consequences referring to any repercussions that do not stem directly from the court system.

What kind of drugs do students see on college campuses?

When you live in a college dormitory in Virginia, you may expect to come into contact with alcohol during parties. You may not realize that you might encounter drug use, though. It is important for you to know which drugs you might encounter and the effect these can have on your life.

2018 may be a boom year for divorces

Getting a divorce is not something most people in Virginia ever think about rushing to do. However, with the looming introduction of the new tax law on January 1, 2019, some couples may well be doing just this. The reason for this is that the way in which alimony payments will be taxed is going to change significantly when the calendar turns to a new year.

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