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Can you revoke your plea bargain?

Should you face white-collar crime charges in Virginia, the prosecutor may well offer you a favorable plea bargain that will negate the necessity of your going to trial. Forbes reports that while 90 percent of all federal defendants do in fact accept a plea bargain, this may not be in your best interests.

Alleged hazing leads to 9 arrests

The fact that one is no longer a university student in Virginia may not be enough to protect one from charges related to hazing. Two young men found this out to their detriment when they, along with seven current students at Louisiana State University, faced arrest related to an alleged recent hazing incident at their fraternity.

What are your rights at a DUI checkpoint?

If you are like many Virginia drivers, you may question the legality of DUI checkpoints. With St. Patricks' Day just around the corner, your query may become more urgent as you make plans with classmates and attempt to map out the safest way to get from point A to point B and back to campus again. While your question is a valid one — after all, sobriety checkpoints often feel like a violation of your constitutional rights — know that DUI checkpoints are, in fact, legal. That said, just because they are legal does not mean your rights vanish as you approach one.

Is there really such a thing as a pink collar crime?

The CBS show Pink Collar Crimes has sensationalized a niche area of criminal law that some may find interesting. While the media likes to bring attention to a subject by giving it an unusual name, you and other Virginia residents should understand that “pink collar crime” is an unofficial term for crimes committed by women. In fact, take gender out of it and pink collar crime is a trendy term for white collar criminal activities.

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