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Are DUI penalties stricter for commercial drivers?

Virginian residents, especially those attending college, might have a side job or two to help them cover their expenses. Commercial driving is a popular way to make money, as it includes a wide array of things from delivery to transport and more. However, the impact commercial drivers have on others means DUI convictions are treated even more seriously than usual.

Can you drive when charged with driving under the influence?

Facing drunk driving charges means you will have to deal with a number of different potential consequences. Everything from your ability to receive financial aid to college to continued employment at your current job may hinge on whether you plead guilty, get convicted or successfully defend yourself against impaired driving charges.

What is forgery?

You may think of forgery as the copying or reproduction of literary or artistic works and passing them off as originals. According to FindLaw, this is forgery on a grand scale and generally makes big headlines once discovered. However, the more common incidences of forgery are much more mundane. Opportunities to commit forgery on university campuses are plentiful, but if found out, the penalties can be severe. 

Cyberstalking defined

Communication technologies have allowed Virginians to connect to others in ways undreamt of as recently as 20 years ago, to the point where it has become quite a casual thing for people to speak of following one another on social media. However, such attention is not always desired and may sometimes be damaging, in which case it may qualify as cyberstalking.

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