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Know the facts about insurance fraud

When Virginia residents think about fraud, they may often consider credit cards and identity theft. However, people also commit fraud when they fabricate insurance claims. There are many ways someone might commit fraud through insurance and it is important for people to understand what this kind of white-collar crime consists of.

What should you do if you're facing domestic assault charges?

Virginian residents like you can have your entire world turned upside down by the accusation of domestic assault or violence. Because of the long-lasting consequences these accusations can have and the huge toll it may take on your life if you are convicted, you should know what to do if facing such charges.

Could you get kicked out of school for a conviction?

Every school is different when it comes to criminal charges that students face. In general, Deans' offices could put you on some type of warning or expel you from school, depending on the severity of the charge. You should probably check with the relevant college guidelines to see what might happen if you were convicted of a crime.

Dorm party? Don't buy drinks for underage students

Lots of people enjoy parties on campuses in Virginia, and if you don't go to a school with a dry campus, there is a chance that alcohol with be part of the festivities. It's important to keep in mind that not everyone who attends college is over the age of 21. Typically, it's only juniors or seniors in college who are 21 or older, which creates a risk of younger students having access to alcohol when they should not.

What should students know about summer DUIs?

Young people in Virginia and across the country are looking forward to the summer months. Whether it means a long vacation soaking up the sun or taking on a summer job, students on break may also involve alcohol in their activities. As a parent or a student, you should understand the potential complications that drinking during the summer break can entail, especially when it comes to drinking and driving.

Governor takes on mandatory minimum sentences

People who live in Virginia and who are convicted of criminal offenses will understandably want to learn about the penalties they may face. Depending on the nature of the offense for which a person is convicted, it is possible that there will be little variance in the penalties as many crimes carry with them mandated sentencing guidelines. Many of these require that a defendant be sentenced to a required minimum length of time with absolutely no regard given to the specifics of the case.

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