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Can parents let their children drink?

It is commonly known, of course, that the legal drinking age is 21. Someone who is under 21 is not allowed to buy or consume alcohol. Even possessing alcohol is illegal in most situations. However, as a parent, you may not think that it is fair for these rules to...

Can consent be withdrawn?

When it comes to sexual encounters in college, one piece of advice people will often give is that individuals always need to seek consent. It’s all about facilitating communication between the two parties. There should never be any confusion over whether or not the...

Can song lyrics be used as evidence?

There are many songs in which an artist admits to having done something illegal. For instance, Machine Gun Kelly has an entire song about speeding and impaired driving. Both of these things could result in legal charges, but he claims to have done each of them in the...

When should you talk to police officers?

Growing up, you were probably told that police officers are your friends and are here to help you. While that’s true in many cases, there are times as an adult when you shouldn’t think of things in that manner. Instead, you must protect your rights. The United States...

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