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A drunk college party fight could lead to criminal charges

Young adults in college often learn through personal experiences as much as through college courses. Going out with friends and making mistakes is a sure way to gain real-world experience. Unfortunately, some kinds of college experimentation could result in a criminal conviction that haunts you for the rest of your life.

Kids first: a divorced parent's summer guide

Sharing children with a former spouse or partner can be a challenge for anyone. Virginia residents who must do this might be able to get into routines during the school year that eventually start to feel normal and manageable. Then all of a sudden the summer break period arrives and what was normal and reliable is out the window. This may turn a coparenting situation into a nightmare unless the parents are able to follow perhaps the golden rule of parenting together after a divorce: put the children first.

Concerns raised about accuracy of DUI breath tests

Residents who are arrested for and accused of drunk driving offenses in Virginia may find it important to research their options for defending themselves against these charges. As with any arrest, a person should be able to trust that they are considered innocent until they are proven otherwise. When it comes to a driving under the influence charge, there may be a few different types of evidence that weigh into a final determination of guilt or innocence. One of these may involve the results of a breath test.

What should you know about boating under the influence?

In Virginia, there are plenty of opportunities for you to hit the water with your boat and have a great, relaxing time with friends and family. You may even be tempted to bring some alcohol along with you, but that could lead to drunk driving charges. Boating while under the influence is illegal, after all, and can bring you penalties equal to what you might face if you had been on a road.

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