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Bus driver accused of being drunk on the job

For those in Lynchburg looking to drink responsibly, a night of drinking likely ends with a ride home on a bus or in a taxi. The logic behind this assumption no doubt comes from people surmising that does hired specifically to transport others would not knowingly endanger their passengers lives with their own reckless behavior. Yet what happens when people who are hired to provide public transportation choose to drink and drive while on the job?

What is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test?

Have you ever wondered what really happens when a police officer suspects that you or another driver may be intoxicated? Just how does an officer gather what is considered to be evidence to support making an arrest for imparied driving? One of the things that you may be asked to do if you are suspected of being drunk while driving is to submit to what are called field sobriety tests.

Defining sexual abuse in Virginia

Like many of those attending any of the institutions of higher learning in or around Lynchburg, you likely enjoy the student social scene. Oftentimes, your interactions may present opportunities for you to become intimate with another. While romantic relationships certainly are not something to be avoided, many of those that we here at Mark B. Arthur PC have worked with will tell you to exercise caution when engaging in intimate activity, as actions that you may view as being innocent can often be portrayed as being otherwise.

Understanding mislaid property laws

We here at Mark B. Arthur PC often notice that many of those who end up facing criminal charges rarely set out to break any laws. Rather, a simple unfamiliarity with what the law may be in some cases is typically what lands them in hot water. If you have experienced this same misfortune, specifically in regards to an item you may have found lost or abandoned, then understanding state statutes may support your claim of being unaware that you were doing anything wrong.

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