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Bus driver accused of being drunk on the job

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Drunk Driving

For those in Lynchburg looking to drink responsibly, a night of drinking likely ends with a ride home on a bus or in a taxi. The logic behind this assumption no doubt comes from people surmising that does hired specifically to transport others would not knowingly endanger their passengers lives with their own reckless behavior. Yet what happens when people who are hired to provide public transportation choose to drink and drive while on the job?

Some in West Virginia are calling for stiffer criminal penalties beyond DUI charges, while others want to mandate daily drug and alcohol testing for public transit providers. These calls for stricter enforcement come after their children were involved in harrowing bus ride to school. Reports confirm that the driver of the school bus was arrested after completing his morning route. Riders on the bus claimed they could smell alcohol on him, and that he struggled to keep the bus on the rode as he was driving. Law enforcement officials later confirmed that the man was indeed drunk. While the parents of some of the children on the bus claim that the man has driven their kids to school for the last decade, they also say that recent years have seen him demonstrate erratic behavior. The school district that employs the man claim that they have yet to hear of any charges being filed against him.

Those who allegedly choose to drive others while drunk could end up facing much more than DUI charges. They could potentially face further criminal complaints, or see their careers become endangered and their reputations damaged. Working with an attorney may be the best way for them to secure a reasonable outcome to their cases.

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