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Alcohol use by veterans leads to increase in drunk driving

It can be hard for Virginia veterans to readjust after returning home from active duty. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, many veterans turn to drinking alcohol as a coping mechanism. There is a link between PTSD and problems with alcohol, and having either condition puts a veteran more at risk for developing the other. Memories of trauma may prompt a veteran with an alcohol use disorder to go on a drinking binge, and suicide is a greater risk for veterans over 65 who have a drinking problem or depression in combination with PTSD. 

Multi-agency investigation in Virginia leads to 19 drug arrests

A U.S. Attorney calls the modern opioid crisis one of the "most vexing problems" faced by public health officials and law enforcement. A multi-agency investigation in and around the town of Mount Jackson, Virginia that lasted for months and involved officials at the local, state and federal levels has resulted in 19 arrests on charges related to firearms and drug trafficking.

Looking for trends in college student crimes

In a college town, students sometimes get a bit of a bad reputation. Older people may assume they have less regard for the law and that they tend to get into more trouble. The cliched college experience, after all, includes underage drinking, drug use and frequent social gatherings.

What does it mean to jump bail?

If law enforcement arrests you in Virginia and takes you to jail, you will most likely have to pay a bond to get out. This bond is a certain amount of money you pay to guarantee you will show up on your court date. Typically, the court sets bond amounts high to give you more motivation to go to your court date. Because of this, you will probably use the services of a bail bond service to help you pay the full amount of bond.

Virginia law enforcement gets tough with enforcement

The holiday season is one often marked with celebrations that involve the consumption of alcohol. Starting even with Halloween but certainly from Thanksgiving through to New Year's Day, people in Virginia often attend dinners, parties or other gatherings with friends, family members and colleagues. Once the events are over, a great number of people get in their cars and drive home. It is important for people to remember that the act of driving after drinking is not illegal. What is illegal is driving after drinking to the point that a person's blood alcohol level exceeds a certain point. 

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