When The Charges Are Serious, Turn To A

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When The Charges Are Serious, Turn To A

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Skillfully Combatting Drug Distribution And Sales Charges

Police officers and prosecutors are relentless in their pursuit to keep illegal drugs out of Virginia communities. If they suspect that you are engaging in drug distribution or sales, they will make it their mission to secure a conviction.

You need a proven legal ally by your side when you have been accused of committing a drug crime. At Mark B, Arthur, PC, I am here to help you protect your constitutional rights and your future. I have aggressively represented countless clients throughout Lynchburg and the surrounding communities over the course of my legal career. As a former prosecutor, I am the legal partner you can depend on to combat serious drug charges.

What You Need To Know About These Offenses

In simple possession cases, individuals are charged for possessing illegal substances for personal use. When prosecutors charge individuals with drug distribution and drug sales offenses, they allege that individuals intend to sell these illegal substances. Distribution charges do not require an actual sale. If prosecutors can establish that you intended to sell drugs, they will seek stiff penalties.

If you have been charged with this violation, prosecutors may try to build a strong case using evidence recovered from your home, car or your person. It is their goal to present evidence that includes:

  • Large quantities of drugs
  • Large amounts of cash
  • Vials, baggies or other forms of packaging materials for distribution
  • Scales
  • Supplies for cultivating, mixing or cutting drugs

In their fight to keep prescription drugs and other illicit substances off the street, prosecutors and officers may take steps outside the bounds of what is appropriate and lawful. As your advocate, it is my job to make sure that your rights are respected throughout the criminal process. I will vet all evidence that is submitted and question all witnesses present at the time of your arrest to ensure that everything has been done by the book.

Drug distribution, drug sales and possession with intent to distribute are felony offenses that have serious fines and sentencing terms attached. It is critical that you hire a criminal defense attorney who knows how to challenge the prosecution’s case.

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