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When The Charges Are Serious, Turn To A

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Challenging Drug Manufacturing And Cultivation Charges

It is no secret that police officers and prosecutors will relentlessly pursue drug charges and stiff penalties for these convictions. If you are arrested for committing a drug manufacturing or cultivation charge, it is vital that you contact a highly qualified attorney to defend against this serious offense.

As a former criminal prosecutor, I know the lengths that these lawyers will go to secure a conviction, and I know how to challenge opposing counsel in court. I am Mark B. Arthur, a criminal defense attorney in Lynchburg. I have helped countless residents throughout the area protect their future when they are facing lengthy incarceration sentences and steep fines for committing a drug crime.

Drug Manufacturing Charges Cover More Than Meth Processing

Most people associate drug manufacturing charges with operating a methamphetamine lab, but there are other situations that may result in an arrest for this crime. You can be charged with this violation if you allegedly possess tools or equipment to package or repackage drugs. Law enforcement can also charge you with this felony offense for possessing chemicals that are used to make heroin, cocaine or other controlled substances.

If you are convicted of this crime, you could face up to $1 million in fines. Your prison term could span anywhere between five years and life imprisonment. These are severe consequences that require a serious defensive strategy.

Drug Cultivation Violations Are Serious

Unlike other states in the country, Virginia still prohibits marijuana cultivation. As a result, you may be charged with this offense if police allege that you possessed a large number of marijuana plants, seeds or equipment used to cultivate this plant.

While a simple possession charge is a misdemeanor offense, a marijuana cultivation violation is a felony offense. Even if this is your first drug offense, you could face life imprisonment if you are convicted. It is dangerous to assume that a marijuana drug violation is not a big deal. You need to aggressively combat this charge.

Whether you are charged with an offense related to drug cultivation or manufacturing, I am qualified to take your case. I am intimately familiar with state drug laws and the criminal process. I know how to protect your constitutional rights and will act aggressively to prevent law enforcement officers from overstepping their bounds. I will zealously advocate for you from the start to the finish of your case.

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