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Is your child facing drug possession charges?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Criminal Defense

As a parent, you know how your heart stops when you get potentially life-changing news about your child. Finding out about drug charges given to your child is certainly better than some news you might get, but it still requires swift action.

Each minute that you wait to begin building a strong defense for your child is more time that the state has to build the case against him or her. Regardless of your disciplinary strategy as a parent, it is unlikely that now is the time to sit back and let them learn a lesson by living with the consequences.

The good news is that an effective attorney can use the law to fight for your child’s rights and future.

Drug charges pose a serious threat to a bright future

Unlike other kinds of non-violent crimes, drug charges carry surprisingly harsh sentences. While no one can tell you how to parent, letting your child “learn a lesson” from the mistake may affect his or her life for years to come.

One does not need to search hard to find reporting on how our prison system is over-filled with individuals serving time for drug convictions. If your child does not receive a strong defense, he or she could possibly spend years behind bars. Jail time is capable of derailing a promising young life or keeping a young person from turning things around.

Consider this — if your child does not receive a strong defense, the prosecution is unlikely to go easy on them. They may see your child as an opportunity to flex their power and scare other young people in the community by angling for a maximum sentence.

Drug convictions hang around

Another difficulty that faces young people who make drug-related mistakes is the way that a drug conviction can hang around on their record.

Unlike other charges, drug convictions carry a heavy social stigma, especially with certain positions of authority.

Many employers may just refuse to consider your child for a position if they see a drug conviction on your child’s record. It might surprise you just how many jobs this extends to — not just entry-level positions.

Furthermore, finding safe, affordable housing could become a serious problem. Many property rental firms refuse to rent to those who have drug convictions on their record. This may mean that you cannot find housing, or can only find housing that caters to those who have similar beliefs. This does little to help set them on a good path.

Don’t fight the fight alone

Your child may have made a mistake, and it may be quite a serious one. However, we have all made mistakes, and if we didn’t get caught at the time, that is an unearned blessing.

If your child needs a strong defense, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney with years of practice in both defense and prosecution. With a sensible approach to the law, your child can rest assured that his or her right remain protected while a skilled attorney fights for your son’s or daughter’s future.


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