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Pranks that can get juveniles into legal trouble 

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Teenagers tend to like pushing the boundaries. It’s natural for adolescents to go out with friends and have a laugh. Nonetheless, the line between fun acts and unlawful acts can be quite thin sometimes. 

Countless teenagers have found themselves facing charges due to “pranks gone wrong”. Outlined below are some of the more common “pranks” that could get teenagers arrested. 

Prank phone calls 

It’s not uncommon for teens to bow to peer pressure and engage in prank phone calls. For instance, they may phone a takeaway and place an order that they never intend to collect. Or, they might call a business and put on a funny voice to get a laugh from their friends in return. 

Prank calls that are deemed harmless are unlikely to result in criminal charges. But, prank calls that constitute a threat or include foul and abusive language could be considered harassment, which is a criminal offense. 

It’s important to note that any prank calls made using 911 can also be considered criminal offenses. Virginia takes any potential waste of the time of emergency services very seriously. 


Halloween is approaching and it’s not uncommon for teens to engage in prank-like behavior during this period. “Egging” has long been associated with this time of year. Throwing eggs at houses or public buildings may seem relatively harmless, but this can cause damage to property. Defacing property is classified as vandalism in Virginia, which is a criminal offense. 

Not all pranks warrant criminal charges and your teen should not face lifelong consequences for a “prank gone wrong”. Seek legal guidance to find out more about your defense options. 


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