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Alcohol education for college students with DUIs

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Drunk Driving

When Virginia college students get a DUI, they may worry about how this charge might affect their future. In some situations, students may be able to attend alcohol education classes.

College students can typically attend the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Programs. According to The Commission on VASAP, there are many different kinds of programs a student might attend. Some classes offer treatment education to help young people understand the behavior that led to the DUI so they will be less likely to repeat the offense. Other classes focus on the ways that alcohol can affect the safety of drivers, as well as a young person’s health.

Although many students may want to attend one of these programs, they usually need to meet the eligibility requirements. FindLaw says that a court looks at several factors before recommending alcohol education classes. These factors generally include a person’s blood alcohol content during the incident, as well as whether a person has already received alcohol education. A judge might also look at a student’s record to see if he or she has incurred previous DUI charges.

If students are eligible for DUI classes, they may need to devote a good deal of time to these programs. Some classes take about 12 weeks to complete, while others may run as long as 30 months. The number of DUI charges on a person’s record typically determines how long someone needs to attend these classes. A first-time offender may only need to complete 36 hours of coursework, while someone with multiple DUIs on his or her record may have to attend longer programs.




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