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What kind of drugs do students see on college campuses?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | Criminal Defense

When you live in a college dormitory in Virginia, you may expect to come into contact with alcohol during parties. You may not realize that you might encounter drug use, though. It is important for you to know which drugs you might encounter and the effect these can have on your life.

You may initially think that few college students would use drugs while they are in school. According to DrugRehab.com, a 2015 survey found that 23 percent of students had used illegal drugs. These drugs range from prescription drugs to substances such as cocaine. While you might expect to encounter drugs at parties or in a dormitory, many other situations can put these substances in front of you. Sometimes a member of your study group may suggest you take Adderall if you will need to be up all night preparing for an exam. Additionally, you may find some of these substances at bars catering to college students.

Now that various forms of marijuana usage have been legalized in several states, you may not see anything wrong with using this substance while you are in school. However, marijuana can affect your life in ways you may not anticipate. While you might view this substance as a way to relax with your peers, marijuana can cause you to experience a raised heart rate and difficulty breathing. Sometimes you may also feel paranoia or have a hard time remembering information.

Sometimes you may come into contact with antidepressant prescription drugs. A campus doctor might prescribe this type of drug if you are feeling stressed with school. The side effects of this medication may take a toll on your life, though. You might find that you feel agitated or fatigued. Antidepressants can be dangerous if you drink alcohol at parties, as the combination of these substances sometimes makes you feel tired or anxious and can impair your coordination.

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