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Can your car be impounded in Virginia?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2017 | Blog

You thought it would be fun to go out with your friends, and while it was, you probably had a little too much to drink. You were stopped by the police, and they arrested you at the scene. They informed you that your blood alcohol concentration was over the .08 percent limit, which means that you now face a DUI charge.

That’s a problem in itself, but now you’ve also found out that your vehicle was impounded. Why would that happen? Shouldn’t you keep your vehicle since an ignition interlock device could be installed? Interestingly, Virginian DUI laws allows for both.

What happens if your vehicle is impounded after an arrest for a DUI?

To start with, your vehicle is taken to a lot where it’s stored after confiscation. Of course, you do have the right to argue against impoundment, though you’ll have to do so through a civil court instead of the criminal court where your current charge is being filed.

It’s normal to be able to retrieve your vehicle after you pay any administrative fees or fines that are required of you. Confiscation is essentially used to prevent you from driving drunk and as encouragement to stay sober behind the wheel in the future.

Will you need to use an ignition interlock device if you drive drunk?

Not in all cases, but know that if your vehicle is impounded, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to use an IID. Each of those penalties is treated separately, so you could get your vehicle out of the impound only to find you have to use the ignition interlock device. You could also be penalized in other ways, like by losing your license.

In any situation where you face a DUI, there are many potential penalties. Defending yourself can help you keep your license and protect your reputation.


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