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Can consent be withdrawn?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Criminal Defense

When it comes to sexual encounters in college, one piece of advice people will often give is that individuals always need to seek consent. It’s all about facilitating communication between the two parties. There should never be any confusion over whether or not the person has consent to engage in that type of activity or that relationship.

Asking for consent in advance helps to ensure that one person isn’t feeling pressured or feeling like they’re being forced into something they don’t want to do. It’s a good way to avoid any legal charges, and it also just ensures that both people are always on the same page and happy with what is taking place.

But can consent be taken away? If you get consent, does that mean you have it no matter what?

It can always be withdrawn

The big thing to remember about consent is that it only works as long as it’s being provided. The person can withdraw at any time, for any reason or not even for a reason at all. They may just feel uncomfortable or change their mind.

As soon as they withdraw that consent, any further activity that occurs could potentially open up the doors to criminal allegations. You can say that you initially had consent and so you thought that it meant you were allowed to proceed, but clear evidence that the consent was taken away means you needed to change your behavior. In other words, consent doesn’t last any longer than the individual wants it to. It’s all up to them.

Of course, in a college setting, relationships like this can get very complicated, very quickly. If you’ve been accused of breaking the law and you’re worried about your future, make sure you know about the legal options you have.


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