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How peer pressure leads to juvenile crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Criminal charges are damaging not only to those who face them but also to family members, close friends and partners. As a parent, your top priority is ensuring that your children grow up safely and hopefully with good values. 

The reality is that you cannot control every single factor. They are going to have to make big decisions on their own. Peer pressure can be very influential, particularly in an individual’s teen years. It can be both positive and negative, but many teens fall into trouble with the law through the assertion of peer pressure. Outlined below are some examples of how this works 

Indirect peer pressure 

Teens are often trying to discover where they fit into the world. The path they choose can very much depend on outside influences. For instance, a teen may view some criminal activity on the internet and believe that this is a way to make money and find their place in the world. 

Direct peer pressure 

Direct peer pressure relates more to the environment a teen spends their time in. If the friend group is engaging in taking drugs or other criminal activities, then it could persuade a teen to join in so as to not risk being ostracized from the group. This influence could be even stronger if the friend group is using spoken peer pressure to encourage the teen to join in and not miss out. 

Of course, peer pressure can also work in a positive way. Teens can be influenced into making positive decisions. And teenagers are commonly stereotyped in an unfair way. If your child is facing criminal charges, then they are entitled to a competent defense. Seeking legal guidance will help ensure that their rights are upheld at all times. 


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