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Getting a job is more difficult with a criminal record

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Criminal Defense

You went to college to further your career, long before that career had even started. You wanted a degree so that you could get a good job and have the life you want.

And then you got arrested. Now that you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to understand how they can impact everything you have been working for.

Landing a job

The first hurdle that you’ll face is just getting an interview for a job. Depending on how much competition there is for the position, you may not get called in at all.

If you do get to the interview, and you’re a white applicant with a criminal record, you are 50% less likely to get a second interview than another white applicant without a record. If you’re an African American applicant, it’s even harder. You only have a third of the chance of getting that second interview compared to those without a record.

Although the exact statistics are different for everyone, it’s clear that even getting job interviews is more of a challenge if you have a record. Further, if you do get a first and then a second interview, you may still not get the job if you’re competing with people who don’t have a criminal record.

What should you do?

A single arrest can undermine your college experience, making your degree far less useful and preventing you from getting a job. If you’re facing allegations of committing a crime, this is why it’s so critical to know what legal options you have. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you.


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