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Virginia man arrested after undercover drug investigation

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2019 | Drug Crimes

It is about a two-hour drive southwest of Lynchburg to get to Henry County. The sheriff’s office there recently announced that it had made an arrest after conducting an undercover drug investigation.

A 31-year-old Collinsville man has been arrested and charged with felony possession of a schedule II controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Law enforcement officials said that officers also seized more than a pound of cocaine during the arrest, as well as three firearms and $10,179 in cash. They estimated that the street value of the confiscated drugs is more than $20,000.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office said it will submit the seized substance to the Virginia Department of Forensic Science for an analysis,

According to a news article, officials also seized a substantial amount of personal property in the course of the investigation, including:

  • Seven motor vehicles
  • One boat
  • An ATV
  • A trailer

According to Virginia law, anyone “who manufactures, sells, gives, distributes or possesses with the intent to manufacture, sell, give, or distribute” 500 grams or more of cocaine can be punished with a sentence ranging from five years in state prison all the way up to life. They can also be assessed a fine of up to $1 million.

It is not clear if the Henry County man might be eligible for that harsh punishment. He is accused of being in possession of more than a pound of cocaine. There are 453 grams in a pound.

Anyone facing drug-dealing allegations should decline to speak with a prosecutor or investigator until they’ve discussed the charges and evidence with an attorney experienced in effective drug defense.



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