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College students should avoid using fake IDs

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Criminal Defense

There are several things that a college student can do that are rather harmless. Staying up too late with friends and missing an occasional class usually aren’t big deals. College is for learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Mistakes are sometimes the best teachers for people both young and old.

Among the biggest mistakes a student at Liberty University or other neighboring school could make is to use a fake ID to buy alcohol. While this may seem like a clever and harmless path to underage fun, an arrest for using a fake ID is something Virginia law doesn’t take lightly.

Think about it. The government issues identification to eligible people and then someone reproduces those IDs to break the state’s alcohol laws. It’s easy to see why law enforcement doesn’t appreciate underage people using fake IDs to obtain alcohol.

Long and short-term fake ID penalties

Police can charge a student caught using a fake ID can expect criminal charges. Using a fake ID to obtain alcohol carries a Class 3 misdemeanor. If convicted, they could face a $500 fine – a decent amount for a college student – and losing their license for 30 days up to one year.

If law enforcement arrests your college student, they’re going to need a good defense to combat the charges. Criminal convictions can affect their enrollment in school, eligibility for financial aid, and even finding employment and housing after graduation.

College should be a time for fun and exploration but it’s important that students don’t harm their future over a foolish mistake like using a fake ID to buy alcohol.


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