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How do college students stay sober?

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2018 | Drunk Driving

When students start their first year of college in Virginia, they may not consider how they will handle alcohol. Students may easily find themselves involved with alcohol, though, and it is important for them to understand how they can enjoy college life while remaining sober.

Students may find themselves using alcohol in college for a number of reasons. RehabCenter.net says that some people may turn to this substance when they feel overwhelmed by their coursework. Other students may drink because their friends and classmates do, and they may feel pressured to fit in. It is important for students to remember, though, that alcohol may sometimes cause more problems. People who drink might find themselves overusing this substance if it is their go-to stress reliever and some students may find themselves in trouble with the law if they are intoxicated when they drive home.

Students who use alcohol may sometimes find themselves facing larger problems. One study found that alcohol causes the death of about 2,000 students each year. Alcohol also plays a role in campus assaults; roughly 600,000 cases of rape or sexual assault on campus occur because of alcohol consumption. Additionally, 25 percent of pupils may experience problems with their coursework because of their drinking.

It is important for students to understand how they can enjoy their college experience without overindulging in alcohol. Some people may want to try new coffee shops and restaurants or explore the area around their college campus. When students want to go to parties, it is a good idea for them to decline drinks.

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