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The role of a divorce mediator

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Family Law

When couples in Virginia decide to split, there are many different ways it can be handled. Some choose to rely entirely on courts, while others may seek the additional assistance of a divorce mediator to help make the transition period easier for everyone.

According to FindLaw, mediation in divorce helps a couple take control of the planning aspect. This includes plotting out divisions of assets, deciding child custody matters, figuring out how to divide property or other big expenses like cars, looking into how retirement should be split, and more. With a divorce mediator, a third party that lacks any bias is present. It’s their job to form completely neutral opinions about any divorce, using suggestions and counseling to help both halves of a couple reach agreements they are happy with.

Huffington Post shows that a number of misconceptions exist around the concept of divorce mediation and what a mediator does during a divorce. Some think it’s their job to try salvaging a marriage or convincing the parties to give marriage another chance. Others believe they may be unprofessional, and that it’s hard to determine how good a mediator really is. However, a good divorce mediator isn’t here to play therapist for a couple. Their job is only to provide mediation as the couple works its own issues out, offering alternatives or neutral opinions and advice where necessary.

It’s up to a couple whether or not they want to take the advice that a mediator has given them. They aren’t bound or obligated in any legal way, which means mediation is a great no-strings-attached way to get an idea of what to do.


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