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How does a felony DUI charge impact your life?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Criminal Defense

In Virginia, the laws against drunk driving are harsh and the penalties for being convicted of DUI are even tougher. Mark B Arthur PC is here to help you if you find yourself facing a felony DUI charge, which can have lasting impacts on your life if you’re convicted.

Felony DUI charges are considered the most severe of the DUI charges you can face. Whereas drunk driving without any injury being done to others is considered a gross misdemeanor, felony DUI charges include potential harm to passengers, pedestrians, or others. 

As felony DUIs are a class six felony in Virginia, there are a number of associated penalties. In terms of fines, you’ll face $1,000 to $2,500. Your driver’s license may be suspended indefinitely. You will also face jail time. Though the minimum is six months, you can be sentenced up to five years.

Your life will be affected beyond jail time and fines, too. Having a felony on your record can impact your ability to get a job, or even to find housing. Your suspended license will also make it difficult for you to get around and attend work. The social stigma may make it difficult for you to reintegrate into society as well.

felony DUI charge has the potential to ruin your life. For this reason, you may benefit from taking a look at our web page dedicated to criminal defense and focusing on felony DUI cases. In preparing yourself with information, you’ll be better equipped to face and fight your charges.


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