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How do you reinstate your license?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Drunk Driving

As a driver in Virginia convicted of driving while under the influence, you may have had your license suspended. This can have a very damaging effect on your overall life and livelihood, especially if it interferes with your ability to get to work or school. But how do you go about reinstating your license?

Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest process. As shown by the Department of Motorized Vehicles, the steps to reinstating your driver’s license will differ depending on the severity of the crime. However, all reinstatements will require a number of proofs, personal information, and of course, payments.

In order to make your payments or show your proofs in the first place, you’ll need to have both your birth date and social security number on hand. Following that, you’ll be required to pay a reinstatement fee, which can differ depending on the crime. If you had court fines, those will have also needed to be taken care of and you will need to provide proof for it. In some cases, you may also have licensing fees to pay off.

Proofs of payment aren’t the only proof types that you’ll need. You may need to show proof of the completion of an Alcohol Safety Action Program, or proof that you finished and passed a driving improvement clinic. You will also need an SR22 certificate of insurance from your insurance company.

You will not technically be allowed to drive again until all of this has been processed and you receive a clearance letter showing that your license has been reinstated. Though it can seem like a lengthy process filled with hoops to jump through, it’s the best way to ensure the reinstatement of your license.


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