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Call for more treatment to help with drug addiction

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Virginia residents who have ever taken an opioid medication to control pain or know someone who has may have themselves witnessed firsthand the challenges associated with the addictive nature of these drugs. While originally heralded for their ability to help people manage severe pain after surgeries or due to chronic conditions, prescription pain medications like vicodin or oxycodone have led many people to develop serious and even deadly addictions. Along the way, many people have found themselves facing criminal charges related to these drugs as well.

With as many as 78 people said to die across the United States on a daily basis due to opioid drug addiction, several high-ranking legislators and politicians are calling for the current administration to take action. Some may have believed that more safeguards surrounding the prescribing of these drugs was the way to go but that effort has brought about an increase in activity involving street drugs.

As a result, the current call for help places an emphasis on treatment and rehabilitation. Of the nearly 92 million people in the U.S. believed to have used opioids in 2015, many indicated that they received the medications from physicians, family members or friends. Providing law enforcement, treatment providers and physicians more access to tools and resources to help combat addiction is what some urge is needed to help get innocent people out of a vicious cycle of addiction and criminal activity.

When facing a drug charge in Virginia, defendants may want to consult with an attorney before they make a final decision about how to approach their defense process.

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