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Survey shows populations of divorced persons

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2017 | Family Law

For divorcing spouses in Virginia, one of the many challenges they may face as they process through the end of a marriage is a sense of loss. This may be more pronounced if they do not have strong support systems or are allowed to feel alone. Knowing that others have been through similar events and not only survived but even ultimately thrived can be helpful to people going through difficult times, including getting a divorce.

Data from an American Community Study highlights 15 cities in the United States that have the highest population percentages of divorced people. None of these cities are in Virginia. In fact, the closest states represented in this list are Ohio, Indiana, Missourie and Florida. Between these four states, there are 11 of the 15 cities combined. In Ohio, Youngstown, Hamilton and Canton occupy the number 12, 10 and six positions. In Indiana, Evansville, Kokomo and Anderson occupy the number nine, three and one positions.

Independence, Missouri is thirteenth on the list while Florida features four cities in the number 14, seven, four and two positions. These cities are Clearwater, Tamarac, Melbourne and Largo, respectively. Overall, the 15 cities on the list feature populations with anywhere from 16.1 percent to 18.7 percent having been through at least one divorce.

For Virginia residents who are getting divorced, working closely with an experienced family law attorney may be one way of getting the type of support that they need in order to manage the transitions that this change brings.

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