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How your attempt to lose weight could lead to a drunk driving arrest

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Drunk Driving

Losing weight or just maintaining your current, healthy weight becomes harder as you get older. Your metabolism naturally declines, requiring that you actively work to keep your weight low by dieting or exercising more. 

In recent years, the possible benefits of keto diets have made them quite popular with both of those worried about their waistline and those trying to maximize their strength. Keto diets derive their name through the intentional manipulation of macronutrients to push the body into a state of ketoacidosis. While in this state, your body may burn fat more readily than at other times. 

Unfortunately, keto diets, including the paleo diet, could actually leave drivers in Virginia at risk of a drunk driving charge.

Ketoacidosis can trick chemical breath tests

Medical professionals and law enforcement officers alike have known for years that uncontrolled blood sugar issues can lead to false positives on chemical breath tests. Both untreated or yet undiagnosed diabetes could lead to someone who didn’t consume any alcohol failing a breath test. 

When your body enters the state of ketoacidosis, many of its natural processes shift slightly. The process of breaking down fat during ketoacidosis results in the byproduct acetone, which your body gets rid of through the lungs. Every time you exhale, a little bit of the acetone will leave your body. 

Unfortunately, acetone belongs to the same molecule family as alcohol, meaning it can cause false positives on many different breath test devices. 

Get help with a drunk driving charge right away

Understanding different reasons why you may have failed a roadside chemical test can help you plan to defend yourself against a pending DUI charge.


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