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Can you become a nurse with a felony?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Criminal Defense

You have always wanted to be a nurse, so the fact that you were recently arrested on felony charges has you thinking more about the future ramifications than anything immediate. Beyond any jail time or fines, would that conviction keep you from following your dream?

It certainly can. Technically, there are ways to use expungement to get the felony removed from your record. You can then try to get your nursing license. You may still get denied, but it cannot be only because of that conviction. You do deserve a chance to get the license, even with a criminal record.

However, one issue that you may have is getting into nursing school. If you already completed your degree, you can still try to get the license, but what if you haven’t gone to college yet? Or what if you’re in college, but you haven’t gotten accepted into the specific nursing program yet? Will this hold you back?

It may. Some nursing schools list felony convictions as an instant disqualifier. They also note that some “serious” misdemeanors can also be grounds for denial.

Remember, nursing school tends to be incredibly competitive. Even under the best of circumstances, you may have trouble getting in. There are often more applicants than spots, and everyone is very qualified and dedicated. If all things are equal and it’s close, the school may wind up using your criminal record to determine if you get in or not. You want everything to work in your favor, but this definitely won’t.

As such, it’s critical for you to understand your legal options whenever you find yourself facing charges. Talk to an experienced defense attorney about your rights and your future goals.


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