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Can you be charged for drugs that aren’t yours?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Drug Crimes

Drug crimes have serious consequences. Virginia’s code § 18.2-250 states it’s unlawful to knowingly possess drugs unless the substance was obtained from or with a valid prescription of a practitioner while acting within their professional capacity or following an order from the Drug Control Act.

Nonetheless, despite following this law, you may find yourself in trouble for drugs that are not yours. Here are three situations that may lead to this.

Drugs in your home

If the police have reasonable suspicion of drugs in your home, they may get a search warrant. If they find drugs and the owner does not take responsibility, everyone in your home may face the charges while police conduct investigations.

Drugs in your car

If you are in your car with family or friends and the police have reasonable suspicion to stop you, perhaps you violated a traffic law, and drugs are found, you may get into trouble. You may not know how the drugs got in your vehicle, but if the owner fails to confess, you may potentially face drug possession consequences.

Drugs in someone else’s property

If you borrow someone else’s car without realizing they keep drugs in it and the police stop you for a traffic offense, you may face a drug charge if they find them. This may also be the case if you borrow someone’s clothes or bag. For instance, if you borrow someone’s bag containing drugs and head to the mall. If the mall’s security guard finds them during the check at the entrance, they may call the police, and in turn, you may be charged.

It’s possible to face a drug charge for a substance you were unaware of. If this is your case, seek legal guidance to defend yourself.


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