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Why you need an attorney when facing DUI charges in Lynchburg

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Drunk Driving

A DUI conviction can affect your life in many ways, including hindering your ability to get work or your right to drive if your license is revoked. Worse still, a DUI conviction can result in jail time. If you are facing DUI charges in Virginia, you should consider having experienced legal representation in your corner. While it is easy to think you can handle things on your own, this is never a good idea.

The importance of having legal representation when facing DUI charges cannot be overstated. Sometimes, the representation may result in a dismissal of the charges against you. At other times, an attorney can negotiate a plea for a lesser charge. Simply put, you stand a better chance of minimizing the consequences of a DUI charge when you engage the services of an experienced advocate.

Here are two reasons why you need to engage representation for your day in court:

Virginia DUI laws are quite complex

Let’s face it: The legal process can be very complex, especially if you do not understand the law. You don’t have the benefit of knowing what aspects of your case can be challenged in court and what would be counter-productive. You also don’t know the nuances in the law and the ways in which it may be applied.

The prosecution won’t negotiate with you directly

DUI attorneys have years of courtroom experience under their belts. This puts them in a better position to represent you in court. It also puts them in the best position to understand where there is room for negotiation with the prosecutor. If you eventually decide that you want to take a plea deal, it’s unlikely that the prosecutor will offer you a good deal directly. An attorney knows when — and how — to negotiate.

A DUI conviction can remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life. When facing a charge of driving under the influence, find out more about what it takes to successfully defend yourself. Please continue to review our website to learn more.  


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