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Be careful about your ammunition when defending yourself

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2021 | Weapons

When compared with some other states, Virginia has relatively lenient weapons laws. For example, if you have a permit, you may carry a concealed firearm.

Now that you understand a portion of Virginia’s weapons laws, you may start purchasing different ammunition for your guns. Our lawyers want you to know, however, that not all forms of ammo are legal. Using prohibited ammunition while engaging in legal activity could still lead to weapons offense charges.

As a law-abiding citizen who would not knowingly commit a crime, you may wonder how such a law concerns you. We want you to consider what might happen if you use prohibited ammo to defend your home or family.

Say that a person enters your yard to steal your car. In fear for your family’s safety, you shoot the individual with illegal ammunition. You can be sure that the alleged thief will do everything possible to avoid criminal charges. If he or she has a lawyer, they may try to turn the tables on you and claim you attacked without provocation. The fact that you used prohibited ammo will complicate your case.

Three types of ammo prohibited in Virginia

  • Bullets coated with foreign substances (polytetrafluorethylene, etc.)
  • Jacketed bullets made from metals other than lead
  • Ammo cartridges containing the prohibited ammunition above

We chose to discuss this topic to ensure that our Lynchburg neighbors do not face criminal charges when they have not committed a crime. As such, we recommend that you only purchase legal ammunition rather than risk a Class 5 felony based solely on the type of ammo you have chosen. Our website and blog contain more information on these topics. Please continue reviewing our content to learn more.


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