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Prescription drugs can lead to criminal charges

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Many people don’t think of prescription drugs when they think about drug crimes. This misconception can lead to serious issues for some who don’t think about how misuse of these medications might constitute a criminal action. These charges can lead to serious life impacts, especially if they’re felonies.

One of the actions that can lead to criminal charges is sharing prescription medications. When you receive a prescription, you should be the only one taking it. Giving your medication to someone else, even if they have a prescription for it, is illegal. You can also face criminal charges if you’re selling your prescriptions to others. Just like you can’t give them away, you also can’t sell them.

You shouldn’t take anyone else’s prescriptions either. You can face criminal charges for this. Unfortunately, this can lead people who are addicted and need help for that addiction to land in the criminal justice system instead.

It’s possible to face possession, distribution or even trafficking charges related to prescriptions. The charge you face is determined by the circumstances. In some cases, the amount of the medication you have might also play a role. Any history of prior convictions might also have an impact on what you face.

Anyone who is facing drug charges related to prescriptions needs to get started on their defense strategy quickly. Failing to do this could lead to a rushed defense, which might not be what they truly need. In some cases, there might be special programs that can help defendants resolve these types of charges, so work closely with your attorney to find out what’s possible.


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