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On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Criminal Defense

College is all about new experiences. But sometimes things get a little rowdy, and someone calls the police. They’re looking to contain things, and they do it by casting a wide net. Before you know it, the police arrest you for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You might get hit with a case of mistaken identity or get lumped in with a bad crowd. Even if the court can’t prove you’ve done something wrong, the arrest will still show up on your public record. Expungement might be the answer to getting your clean record back.

Scrubbing your record

Arrests can haunt you later. They can show up on background checks, or you may have to put them on an application for a professional license. Getting them wiped away could be the best option to keep your future on track. There are three common situations where you can request a review for expungement:

  • Arrested, but not charged
  • Arrested, with charges dropped or not prosecuted
  • Arrested, charged and tried, but acquitted

Filing for a fresh start

File your petition with the court, who will review the order. If the court thinks that this blemish could hurt you in the future, and the state can’t provide a good enough counterargument, you’ve got a shot at clearing the arrest from the public eye. If you’re successful, the process of expunging records tied to this arrest will begin.

Make sure you understand the process and the steps you need to take. You can get back to experiencing everything college has to offer and be ready to approach life after school with a clean record.


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