Fraud is a crime in Virginia. If you were convicted of or if you were to plead guilty to charges involving fraudulent acts, you would likely have to deal with the same issues as any other similar convict in the state.

There is a range of offenses in this category in state law, however. In fact, some of the infractions currently on the books may seem to you to be less than serious. Regardless of your perception of the validity of the charge, it is usually wise to approach any and every criminal accusation with sobriety and diligence.

On the Virginia Decoded website, you can see the state’s list of Miscellaneous False and Fraudulent Acts. Among these are some of the offenses which may seem, without careful consideration, to be harmless pranks:

  • Frivolously calling ambulance or fire services
  • Reporting false stories to a newspaper or similar news outlet
  • Impersonating a blind person by using a cane on a public street

It is true that these offenses might seem minor when you compare them with other types of fraud, such as forgery of United States banknotes or credit card identity theft. However, as stated above, a fraud charge carries with it the potential for long-term consequences that affect your life adversely. Depending on the particular offenses, you could face fines, damage to your reputation or even jail time.

There are many ways to defend against fraud charges, but it is usually important to take the accusation very seriously. Each case is different, and the details would determine the best course of action. Please think of this as only background information. It is not meant to be legal advice in any form.