Virginia drivers who have been caught driving under the influence often face a mountain of difficulties. Aside from the obvious fines and potential jail time, a stigma exists when it comes to DUI charges in general. Offenders may experience different treatment from colleagues and family members, and may even have trouble maintaining work or finding a new job.

As unfair as this treatment may be, it nevertheless affects thousands of people who are simply trying to get life back in order. By better understanding the potential consequences, Virginians can manage a DUI process in a way that better protects — and reclaims — a public image. 

The Reality

As Money Talks News stresses, just one DUI charge can turn a person’s world upside down. But these offenders are hardly alone: over one million Americans face DUI charges every year. A first-time DUI can cost a driver up to $10,000, and when a job is on the line, financial distress can inevitably occur. Job loss and professional black marks are no light matter, either, as Money Talks explains that some industries have little sympathy for DUI charges.

The Penalties


More specifically, as BACtrack explains, a DUI can come with long-term consequences, including increased insurance premiums, license revocation and other penalties. Drivers caught violating the legal drinking and driving limits can expect potential challenges in regard to background checks, as well. Some colleges conduct these background checks, which can affect a person’s admission eligibility and scholarships. Those untangling a DUI charge may also struggle when arranging court dates that interfere with work schedules. In most life categories, a DUI is a serious issue, but knowing specific areas of concern can help one navigate a charge and begin taking the steps of reclaiming a reputation.