While many people in Virginia eagerly and happily embrace the beginning of the holiday season, others find it to be extremely stressful. Many things may contribute to this and one of those things might be when you have to share time with your kids with a former spouse. This can be a challenge at any time of the year but the addition of extra events and special traditions only compounds it all. How can you get through this season without it bringing you and your kids down?

Psychology Today recommends that one thing parents do is to communicate clearly about how they will address any gift giving if it is in their tradition to do so at this time of year. There can be a natural and understandable tendency for parents to want to spend more than maybe they should in an effort to make up for missing time with their kids. However, this strategy generally backfires and may end up creating a competition between parents that only serves to put kids in the middle.

Conversations about what gifts to buy, how much money to spend and who will do what should happen well in advance of the actual holiday. This is one of the ways you and your former spouse can collaborate for the benefit of your children.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to help guide Virginia parents to find new and more positive ways to navigate the holidays when they need to co-parent with a former spouse.