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DUI concerns over Fourth of July

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2017 | Drunk Driving

As the end of June gets nearer, many residents in Virginia are eagerly looking forward to the long holiday weekend over the Fourth of July. From backyard barbeques to fun on a favorite lake or a road trip, the celebrations may abound. Alcoholic beverages are commonly enjoyed during these celebrations but people should take caution to ensure that they avoid a potential drunk driving arrest.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle explains that it is actually not just driving a motor vehicle like a car, truck or motorcycle that can result in an impaired driving charge but also operating a boat while impaired. The consequence that a person may experienced can be the same whether operating a boat or a car and these can be severe. Even a first offense may find a person without the right to drive for a period of time. Then, when driving privileges are reinstated, the use of an ignition interlock device may be mandated.

Unlike other traffic offenses, driving under the influence carries with it criminal penalties as well as administrative penalties. People who are alleged to have provided alcohol to minors may also face tough prosecution.

Leading up to many major holidays, the United States Department of Transportation makes outbound materials available for use by law enforcement agencies and others regarding drunk driving enforcement and associated risks. The goal is to highlight the many reasons for people to make other arrangements if they are going to choose to drink during a holiday. Avoiding the complications of a DUI arrest is one reason to do so.




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