Among the myriad of legal considerations involved in divorce, many Lynchburg parents are equally concerned about helping their children adjust. Divorces are hard on the whole family, which is why you must keep the following tips in mind when working with your former spouse on co-parenting your children together.  

According to Psychology Today, many parents make the mistake of remaining hostile towards their exes after their divorce. This can take a negative toll on your children, while also impacting your former partner’s ability to parent in a stress-free environment. Instead, try to lend you support when at all possible. Be open to compromise, but also make every attempt to keep agreed upon schedules as they pertain to parenting duties.

Open communication with your kids is also highly important. Negative feelings may run the gamut from anger to confusion, and your children might even fear that they will be left behind in the aftermath of divorce. Communicate to them that this is not the case, and that they will always have a loving and safe environment surrounding them. Additionally, ensure that you are spending a good amount of time with your kids when their emotions are most extreme. Even just taking an interest in the things they love can say a lot when they are hurting.

While you are bound to feel some anger towards your ex, keep these feelings at bay when speaking to your kids. You children no doubt feel an affinity for both you and your former spouse, and any ill-feelings towards the other parent will be taken to heart. Also, try to protect kids from parental conflicts when possible, as this can be extremely damaging psychologically.