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Know the facts about insurance fraud

When Virginia residents think about fraud, they may often consider credit cards and identity theft. However, people also commit fraud when they fabricate insurance claims. There are many ways someone might commit fraud through insurance and it is important for people to understand what this kind of white-collar crime consists of.

Is there really such a thing as a pink collar crime?

The CBS show Pink Collar Crimes has sensationalized a niche area of criminal law that some may find interesting. While the media likes to bring attention to a subject by giving it an unusual name, you and other Virginia residents should understand that “pink collar crime” is an unofficial term for crimes committed by women. In fact, take gender out of it and pink collar crime is a trendy term for white collar criminal activities.

Fake IDs and fraud

Many Virginia college students may see fake IDs as a right of passage and think that every student gets one. They may not realize, though, that their fake ID is a form of fraud and that there can be severe consequences for using or making these IDs.

What is forgery?

You may think of forgery as the copying or reproduction of literary or artistic works and passing them off as originals. According to FindLaw, this is forgery on a grand scale and generally makes big headlines once discovered. However, the more common incidences of forgery are much more mundane. Opportunities to commit forgery on university campuses are plentiful, but if found out, the penalties can be severe. 

What are forms of cybercrime?

Given how much time Virginia college students spend on the internet, cybercrime is bound to be a concern. In fact, according to the VoIP Shield website, cybercrime is projected to cost as much as $6 trillion globally by the year 2021. Cybercrime takes many forms, and chances are you or someone you know has been a victim of at least one form of it.

Va. orthodontist files embezzlement suit against former employee

Misappropriation of funds in small increments over a long period of time is one form that embezzlement can take. A woman accused of embezzling more than $400,000 while employed as the manager of an orthodontist's office in Virginia now faces a civil lawsuit from her former employer after pleading no contest to embezzlement charges.

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