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Holidays can be difficult during a divorce or separation

If you are going through a divorce or separated from your spouse during the holiday season, this can be a difficult time of year for you. It is never easy to feel alone, and memories of happier years might add to the strain. At the law office of Mark B. Arthur, PC, we understand this can be heartbreaking for you and other Virginia residents who are going through the same thing.

How can I handle holidays with my kids after a divorce?

While many people in Virginia eagerly and happily embrace the beginning of the holiday season, others find it to be extremely stressful. Many things may contribute to this and one of those things might be when you have to share time with your kids with a former spouse. This can be a challenge at any time of the year but the addition of extra events and special traditions only compounds it all. How can you get through this season without it bringing you and your kids down?

Joint custody best for chldren say new studies

When a Virginia couple decides to get divorced, what will happen to the children is often a primary concern. Since neither parent is normally keen to give up their parenting time, this often becomes a point of contention. Yet new studies show that when it is safe to do so, children who split their time between both children have the best results.

Survey shows populations of divorced persons

For divorcing spouses in Virginia, one of the many challenges they may face as they process through the end of a marriage is a sense of loss. This may be more pronounced if they do not have strong support systems or are allowed to feel alone. Knowing that others have been through similar events and not only survived but even ultimately thrived can be helpful to people going through difficult times, including getting a divorce.

Putting the children first in divorce

Virginia parents know the hardships that can come from divorce, which can feel like a devestating blow to a family. Managing aspects of the children's day to day life while one's own life feels as if it is going through a complete overhaul is difficult and can make the frustration and anger towards a spouse feel overwhelming. Yet many parents choose to focus on their children's stability as a way to work through the divorce peacefully.

Reviewing paternity establishment guidelines in Virginia

Like many in Lynchburg, you may one day dream of having a family of your own, yet you may not deem your current circumstances as being ideal to fulfill such a desire. We here at Mark B Arthur PC have worked with several male clients in the past who have shared your point of view, yet found themselves in the position of having potentially fathered a child. Being a parent brings with it certain responsibilities, such as providing financial support for a child. Yet those obligations may only come after parentage has been established.

How is property divided in a Virginia divorce?

Whether you have already filed for divorce, or are simply in the beginning stages of considering a separation, you may be uncertain of how property is divided in a settlement. Virginia follows an equitable distribution of law model when dividing property, which means that property and assets are divided in a fair and equitable fashion. Ultimately, the judge is responsible for determing who is entitled to what in the settlement. 

Financial concerns during and after divorce

Divorce is generally an expensive endeavor. Therefore, people who are heading toward divorce should prepare themselves for the financial ramifications as much as possible before it takes place. According to The Balance, divorce expenses extend beyond the initial legal and court fees. The spouse who will not have primary custody of the children should alter his or her budget to accommodate future child support payments, as well as potential alimony for the former spouse. Divorce may also result in a loss of some assets by one or both spouses. Since Virginia is an equitable distribution state, the court will determine the division of assets. These include the obvious items such as a home and vehicles, but it also encompasses investments, valuable items in the home and even insurance policies. 

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