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2018 may be a boom year for divorces

Getting a divorce is not something most people in Virginia ever think about rushing to do. However, with the looming introduction of the new tax law on January 1, 2019, some couples may well be doing just this. The reason for this is that the way in which alimony payments will be taxed is going to change significantly when the calendar turns to a new year.

When fathers stop paying child support

When a mother has custody of her children in Virginia, she typically receives child support from her ex-husband. In some situations, an ex-spouse may decide that he no longer needs to make these payments. It is important for women to know what to do if they find themselves in this situation.

How do protective orders work in Virginia?

No divorce is ever easy to go through. When domestic violence is involved, your problems are usually multiplied. You not only have to worry about the legal aspect of starting the divorce process, but your own safety can be at stake. If your spouse is abusive, you might be considering a protective order. It can help to know how protective orders are issued in Virginia and what they are for.

Holidays can be difficult during a divorce or separation

If you are going through a divorce or separated from your spouse during the holiday season, this can be a difficult time of year for you. It is never easy to feel alone, and memories of happier years might add to the strain. At the law office of Mark B. Arthur, PC, we understand this can be heartbreaking for you and other Virginia residents who are going through the same thing.

How can I handle holidays with my kids after a divorce?

While many people in Virginia eagerly and happily embrace the beginning of the holiday season, others find it to be extremely stressful. Many things may contribute to this and one of those things might be when you have to share time with your kids with a former spouse. This can be a challenge at any time of the year but the addition of extra events and special traditions only compounds it all. How can you get through this season without it bringing you and your kids down?

Joint custody best for chldren say new studies

When a Virginia couple decides to get divorced, what will happen to the children is often a primary concern. Since neither parent is normally keen to give up their parenting time, this often becomes a point of contention. Yet new studies show that when it is safe to do so, children who split their time between both children have the best results.

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