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What happens during a sobriety checkpoint?

The most wonderful time of the year for many Virginia residents entails celebration and merriment. Whether you are driving home from the office holiday party or after enjoying egg nog at a friend’s home, you might encounter a sobriety checkpoint at some time during the next few weeks. This is not unusual during the holiday season, when drinking is heavier than usual.

How a DUI conviction can negatively impact your life

At the law offices of Mark B. Arthur PC in Virginia, we know that a DUI charge represents one of the most serious vehicle-related charges you can face. If convicted, not only do you face the possibility of substantial jail time and payment of a large fine, the conviction can haunt you for years to come.

Officers rewarded for DUI arrests

Residents in Virginia who have either personally been arrested for suspected driving under the influence or who know someone who has been charged with this type of offense may have a lot of questions about these cases. These questions may well start with how the decision to pull a driver over in the first place is made. Some people even wonder if law enforcement officers are given quotes for how many DUI arrests they must make in a given period of time.

Are breath test devices accurate?

If you have ever been pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, you may have been asked to submit to a roadside breath test. Law enforcement officers often use this method to read your blood alcohol content in order to determine whether you are driving while intoxicated. The problem lies in the fact that handheld breath test devices do not always provide accurate and reliable results. The results obtained from these machines may even lead to a DUI conviction.

Can you bring alcohol with you on a boat?

If you live in Virginia, there are many opportunities to get out on the water in your boat and enjoy a sunny day. You may be tempted to bring a pack of beer along to heighten the experience, too. But before you do that, Mark B. Arthur, attorney at law, will give you the rundown of maritime laws in Virginia state waters.

How does night driving interact with DUI?

As someone attending college in Virginia, you are likely aware of the fact that people often host their celebrations in the evenings. Even academic or work-related parties with alcohol will usually take place in the later hours of the day. However, night driving can be dangerous even if you haven't had much to drink.

Ways that an officer may check your BAC level

Residents in Virginia who are held on suspicion of drinking while driving will likely be subjected to any number of tests. Police will do this to determine whether or not it is actually a DUI-related incident. Here are some of the actions that an officer may take when looking to see how drunk a person is.

A recap on the risks associated with alcohol for college students

At the law office of Mark B. Arthur, PC, we are looking forward to the start of another school year as much as proud parents and excited students are. The beginning of college is an important milestone for college students in Virginia and across the country. As a parent, you want your child to have a memorable first year, but you also want him or her to stay safe throughout the year.

42 DUI arrests in 48 hours

Over any given holiday period it seems that people in Virginia hear plenty about drunk driving checkpoints that may be setup as well as additional patrols set up to scout for potential drunk drivers. Certainly everyone in the area would agree that public safety is important but also important is the protection of every driver's rights. Drunk driving can be a danger on the roads but it is far from the only risk that motorists and pedestrians face every day.

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