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A recap on the risks associated with alcohol for college students

At the law office of Mark B. Arthur, PC, we are looking forward to the start of another school year as much as proud parents and excited students are. The beginning of college is an important milestone for college students in Virginia and across the country. As a parent, you want your child to have a memorable first year, but you also want him or her to stay safe throughout the year.

42 DUI arrests in 48 hours

Over any given holiday period it seems that people in Virginia hear plenty about drunk driving checkpoints that may be setup as well as additional patrols set up to scout for potential drunk drivers. Certainly everyone in the area would agree that public safety is important but also important is the protection of every driver's rights. Drunk driving can be a danger on the roads but it is far from the only risk that motorists and pedestrians face every day.

Defendant's plea delayed by lack of service

Most people in Virginia have heard references to the concept of "due process" as it related to a criminal arrest, defense or trial. What constitutes this due process may vary from case to case but one thing remains consistent and that is the requirement that due process be followed as indiated by the law.

What differentiates a DUI misdemeanor from a felony?

As a resident of Virginia recently charged with DUI-related crimes, the charges that you face could be categorized as misdemeanors or felonies. Which category your charges fall under will depend on several different factors, and both types of charges can have very different potential consequences if you are convicted.

The effects a dui can have one a person's reputation

Virginia drivers who have been caught driving under the influence often face a mountain of difficulties. Aside from the obvious fines and potential jail time, a stigma exists when it comes to DUI charges in general. Offenders may experience different treatment from colleagues and family members, and may even have trouble maintaining work or finding a new job.

Concerns raised about accuracy of DUI breath tests

Residents who are arrested for and accused of drunk driving offenses in Virginia may find it important to research their options for defending themselves against these charges. As with any arrest, a person should be able to trust that they are considered innocent until they are proven otherwise. When it comes to a driving under the influence charge, there may be a few different types of evidence that weigh into a final determination of guilt or innocence. One of these may involve the results of a breath test.

What should you know about boating under the influence?

In Virginia, there are plenty of opportunities for you to hit the water with your boat and have a great, relaxing time with friends and family. You may even be tempted to bring some alcohol along with you, but that could lead to drunk driving charges. Boating while under the influence is illegal, after all, and can bring you penalties equal to what you might face if you had been on a road.

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