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The differences between burglary and robbery

In Virginia, burglary and robbery are legally considered to be two different crimes. They are handled in unique ways, have separate requirements in order for a person to be accused of them, and will result in their own penalties if an individual is convicted. But what exactly are those differences?

What should you do if you're facing domestic assault charges?

Virginian residents like you can have your entire world turned upside down by the accusation of domestic assault or violence. Because of the long-lasting consequences these accusations can have and the huge toll it may take on your life if you are convicted, you should know what to do if facing such charges.

Could you get kicked out of school for a conviction?

Every school is different when it comes to criminal charges that students face. In general, Deans' offices could put you on some type of warning or expel you from school, depending on the severity of the charge. You should probably check with the relevant college guidelines to see what might happen if you were convicted of a crime.

Governor takes on mandatory minimum sentences

People who live in Virginia and who are convicted of criminal offenses will understandably want to learn about the penalties they may face. Depending on the nature of the offense for which a person is convicted, it is possible that there will be little variance in the penalties as many crimes carry with them mandated sentencing guidelines. Many of these require that a defendant be sentenced to a required minimum length of time with absolutely no regard given to the specifics of the case.

How severe is a gross misdemeanor charge?

Virginian residents likely know about two different types of charges: misdemeanors and felonies. However, there is a type of charge that falls between the two in terms of severity. Mark B. Arthur, attorney at law, is here to offer knowledge and help if you are facing a gross misdemeanor charge.

Can you revoke your plea bargain?

Should you face white-collar crime charges in Virginia, the prosecutor may well offer you a favorable plea bargain that will negate the necessity of your going to trial. Forbes reports that while 90 percent of all federal defendants do in fact accept a plea bargain, this may not be in your best interests.

Alleged hazing leads to 9 arrests

The fact that one is no longer a university student in Virginia may not be enough to protect one from charges related to hazing. Two young men found this out to their detriment when they, along with seven current students at Louisiana State University, faced arrest related to an alleged recent hazing incident at their fraternity.

What is entrapment?

The idea of being framed for a crime is terrifying. It is even more so when you worry about law enforcement tricking you into committing a crime. However, you should understand that law enforcement in Virginia will not do that. It is against the law. The United States Department of Justice explains that when law enforcement coerces or otherwise influences you to commit a crime, it could be entrapment.

Cyberstalking defined

Communication technologies have allowed Virginians to connect to others in ways undreamt of as recently as 20 years ago, to the point where it has become quite a casual thing for people to speak of following one another on social media. However, such attention is not always desired and may sometimes be damaging, in which case it may qualify as cyberstalking.

Multi-agency investigation in Virginia leads to 19 drug arrests

A U.S. Attorney calls the modern opioid crisis one of the "most vexing problems" faced by public health officials and law enforcement. A multi-agency investigation in and around the town of Mount Jackson, Virginia that lasted for months and involved officials at the local, state and federal levels has resulted in 19 arrests on charges related to firearms and drug trafficking.

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