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A “harmless” online prank can be anything but harmless

There are people of all ages in Virginia and elsewhere who play video games online. Many of these games involve countless other strangers, some of whom cooperate in teams or compete against each other. Not surprisingly, these games can be emotionally charged. It can also be easy for players to forget that they are interacting with real people, and they may escalate an online argument into something worse.

What you should know about cellphone usage while driving

Virginia drivers need to be aware of state laws applying to the usage of cellphones while driving. It also is a good idea to know the laws of other states before using a cellphone while behind the wheel there. The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that while no state has yet completely banned cellphone usage for all drivers, 14 states and Washington, D.C., have banned the use of hand-held cellphones.

Understanding date rape

Date rape is a continuing problem in Virginia and across the nation. While both men and women can be raped, women are most often the victims of rape. GirlsHealth defines rape as any sexual act forced upon a woman by someone else, including intercourse, sodomy or insertion of an object into her mouth, rectum or vagina. Date rape is a rape committed by someone the woman knows, such as her current boyfriend.

What is domestic violence in Virginia?

If you are a victim of domestic violence in Virginia, you may be unclear about what protections are available to you and what you can do to enhance your future safety. The Lynchburg Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court states that domestic violence cases, also called family abuse cases, can be either civil or criminal in nature. In a civil case, you seek a protective order against your abuser, asking that he be prevented from doing certain things. In a criminal case, such as for domestic assault and battery, your abuser is charged with a crime by a prosecutor and can be jailed or otherwise penalized if he is convicted.

Terry stops and drug charges

Getting pulled over by a law enforcement officer for a Virginia traffic violation is not a particularly rare occurrence. However, sometimes what started as a “busted tail light” can wind up with the driver being arrested on drug charges. But are such arrests legal?

Talk to your children about the college drinking risks

This fall is probably a bittersweet time of year for you, if you have a child who just went off to college. Many academic and career opportunities lie ahead for your student, as well as chances to start new friendships and have fun. However, you and other Virginia residents who have children at college need to understand the hazards they face on their own, particularly when it comes to college drinking. At the law office of Mark B. Arthur, PC, we want to help ensure your child is off to the best start possible.

How to handle drug charges

Students in Virginia like you have a lot on the line when it comes to being charged with drug-related crimes. With Mark B. Arthur PC, we work to help you protect your image and preserve your prospects for the future by fighting against the drug charges that have been made against you.

Call for more treatment to help with drug addiction

Virginia residents who have ever taken an opioid medication to control pain or know someone who has may have themselves witnessed firsthand the challenges associated with the addictive nature of these drugs. While originally heralded for their ability to help people manage severe pain after surgeries or due to chronic conditions, prescription pain medications like vicodin or oxycodone have led many people to develop serious and even deadly addictions. Along the way, many people have found themselves facing criminal charges related to these drugs as well.

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