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What does battery mean?

Emotions tend to run high for Virginia college students, and heightened emotions can lead to a fight, especially if alcohol is a factor. If you become involved in a physical altercation, you may face battery charges. However, according to FindLaw, battery encompasses a much wider range of offenses than just physical violence.

Plea deal involves deferred adjudication

People in Virginia who are facing criminal charges understandably want to learn how they may best defend themselves and avoid or minimize any penalties. A plea deal, also called a plea agreement, is one way that some people are able to do this. It may also eliminate some of the surprise or tension involved in enduring a full trial.

Will a shoplifting conviction have a big impact on you?

As a college student in Virginia, it's possible that you may make some decisions that could impact your ability to continue attending school. Mark B. Arthur, P.C., is here to fight for people like you who may have made a regrettable mistake, but don't deserve to have your whole life turned upside-down because of it.

Can you lose financial aid because of a drug conviction?

If you are the parent of a Virginia college student and your son or daughter is facing a drug-related criminal charge, you may have concerns about how a conviction might impact his or her life. In addition to fines, possible jail time and other potential penalties, your college student may also face “collateral consequences” relating to the crime, with collateral consequences referring to any repercussions that do not stem directly from the court system.

What kind of drugs do students see on college campuses?

When you live in a college dormitory in Virginia, you may expect to come into contact with alcohol during parties. You may not realize that you might encounter drug use, though. It is important for you to know which drugs you might encounter and the effect these can have on your life.

What are the differences between assault and battery?

Assault and battery is a serious term that applies to any situation in which someone fears immediate physical harm, or has actually been physically harmed. However, assault charges and battery charges can also be two separate categories. It's possible to face an assault charge without a battery charge, and vice versa.

Allergy bullying might result in criminal charges

Despite ongoing efforts by parents, teachers and students, bullying is as much of a problem today as it was when you were in school. At Mark B. Arthur, PC, we know that bullying can result in a child receiving serious charges. You and other Virginia parents may benefit by understanding the potential consequences of bullying at school.

Will Virginia be the next state to legalize medical marijuana?

As a Virginia resident, you undoubtedly know that marijuana possession and use are still illegal in our state. Federal law likewise considers marijuana to be an illegal drug. However, you may soon be able to legally use marijuana if you are ill and your doctor prescribes it or its oil as part of your treatment.

A “harmless” online prank can be anything but harmless

There are people of all ages in Virginia and elsewhere who play video games online. Many of these games involve countless other strangers, some of whom cooperate in teams or compete against each other. Not surprisingly, these games can be emotionally charged. It can also be easy for players to forget that they are interacting with real people, and they may escalate an online argument into something worse.

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