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Do you plan to challenge your Breathalyzer results?

After receiving DUI charges because you failed a Breathalyzer test during a traffic stop, you may feel like you have no options when it comes to building a defense. It is true that you have a very difficult road ahead of you, but you may still have a number of ways to build a strong defense, if you examine the details of your case closely and consider all defense options.

Implied consent laws make refusing a test a potential crime

A police officer pulls you over or you get caught up in a roadblock enforcement effort. After briefly interacting with you, the officer says he or she believes you are under the influence and asks you to exit the vehicle. From there, you know you'll face a field sobriety test and likely a chemical breath test as well.

Do you understand Virginia's ignition interlock program for DUIs?

Most people who live in Virginia already know that the state has a reputation for dealing harshly with those accused of driving under the influence (DUI). There are fines and mandatory minimum jail sentences for those convicted or who plead guilty to drunk driving offenses.

Simple marijuana possession could end your college career

Laws around marijuana have become more lenient in many states over recent years. More than half of the states around the country have legalized adult recreational marijuana use or medical marijuana use for people with qualifying conditions. Virginia is not one of these states.

Can you get kicked out of college for a DUI?

You're at a house party with some friends, legally drinking during your senior year of college. At midnight, finally admitting to yourself that you have a class early the next morning, you decide to drive back to your own apartment. You can still get seven hours of sleep before you have to get up and head to campus.

2017 laws reduce risk of losing license for marijuana possession

When you decided to go to college away from home, part of you wanted to do so to experience all there is to the college experience. Unfortunately, part of your college experience has been getting a drug charge after being caught with marijuana. You don't think it's that big of a deal, because it's legal in other states, but the truth of the matter is that it's not legal in Virginia. Those charges could have a serious impact on your future.

Can your car be impounded in Virginia?

You thought it would be fun to go out with your friends, and while it was, you probably had a little too much to drink. You were stopped by the police, and they arrested you at the scene. They informed you that your blood alcohol concentration was over the .08 percent limit, which means that you now face a DUI charge.

DUIs are serious – especially if you’re underage

We all know that driving under the influence (DUI) charges come with some very serious consequences. If you are under the age of 21, those consequences could affect your future for years. Not only will you have a conviction on your criminal record, you might also face suspension from your university, problems finding employment, or even getting an apartment.

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