Many Virginia college students may see fake IDs as a right of passage and think that every student gets one. They may not realize, though, that their fake ID is a form of fraud and that there can be severe consequences for using or making these IDs.

According to the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority, it is illegal for people to have a form of documentation with incorrect information. While some students might think a fake ID is all right as long as they use their legal name, this is not usually the case. Falsified documents can include those with an altered birth date, something many students may wish to change on an ID. Driver’s licenses, student and military IDs and birth certificates are all forms of identification which it is illegal to falsify.

Students may face serious consequences if they attempt to buy alcohol with a fake ID. Most of the time, a student faces a Class 3 misdemeanor charge and may lose his or her driver’s license for at least one month. In some situations, a student might have his or her driver’s license revoked for up to a year. Additionally, it is against the law for people to make fake IDs. This means that college students should not produce a false identification card to sell to students under the age of 21.

The Virginia Law Library says that the ramifications may be more severe if an underage student uses a fake ID to purchase alcohol. Students younger than 21 might face a Class 1 misdemeanor charge and they may need to perform community service and pay a fine. A court might also suspend an underage student’s driver’s license.