Virginian residents, especially those attending college, might have a side job or two to help them cover their expenses. Commercial driving is a popular way to make money, as it includes a wide array of things from delivery to transport and more. However, the impact commercial drivers have on others means DUI convictions are treated even more seriously than usual.

The way DUI charges can impact commercial drivers largely differs from the way it impacts the driver of a personal vehicle. FindLaw takes a look at commercial driver regulations, which are stringent because drivers like you are holding more than just your own life in your hands. Not only do you pose a serious threat to other drivers or potential passengers if you drive while under the influence, but your employer can also suffer from serious reputational damage.

Not only are the penalties higher for you as a commercial driver, but the limits are also stricter, too. Your blood alcohol content level (BAC) is usually lower than that of someone driving a personal vehicle, whose BAC cannot legally go over .08 percent. In Virginia, you can’t have a BAC of .04 or higher if you’re a commercial vehicle driver. You also have more at risk, since you will lose your job and likely be unable to apply for any new driving jobs.

If you have been involved as a commercial vehicle driver in anything that has resulted in DUI charges, you may benefit from the guidance of an experienced attorney. Having a professional eye can help guide you to the right options for you.