The holiday season is one often marked with celebrations that involve the consumption of alcohol. Starting even with Halloween but certainly from Thanksgiving through to New Year’s Day, people in Virginia often attend dinners, parties or other gatherings with friends, family members and colleagues. Once the events are over, a great number of people get in their cars and drive home. It is important for people to remember that the act of driving after drinking is not illegal. What is illegal is driving after drinking to the point that a person’s blood alcohol level exceeds a certain point. 

It can sometimes be hard to remember this distinction with all of the negative connotations associated with the phrase “drinking and driving”. The Old Town Alexandria recently reported on how law enforcement agencies throughout Virginia were planning to step up their enforcement efforts during this year’s Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Of particular interest to them was watching out for potential drunk drivers.

No details are known on how many drivers might have been pulled over or even arrested and charged with suspected driving under the influence offenses but the report about the increased oversight by law enforcement highlighted this factor as a consideration. 

According to the report, six people in Virginia were killed over the Thanksgiving weekend in 2017 in accidents in which alcohol was said to have played a role. Certainly, it is important to keep people safe and avoid unnecessary crashes but it is equally important to respect the rights of all drivers at all times.