Residents in Virginia who have either personally been arrested for suspected driving under the influence or who know someone who has been charged with this type of offense may have a lot of questions about these cases. These questions may well start with how the decision to pull a driver over in the first place is made. Some people even wonder if law enforcement officers are given quotes for how many DUI arrests they must make in a given period of time.

While it is not known for sure if police departments or other units issue actual quotas for DUI arrests or any other type of arrest, what is known is that offers can receive special recognition for placing as many people as possible under arrest for alleged drunk driving. WSLS 10 News recently reported on a ceremony that was held by Mothers Against Drunk Driving in which numerous officers were celebrated for their high number of DUI arrests.

The report does not indicate how many officers were acknowledged at the event but apparently, some of the winners had been recognized for the same achievement in past years. There was also no mention of how many of the arrests led to actual convictions so it is possible that some officers are being highlighted for their supposed success in cases that may well have involved drivers innocent of the charges originally levied against them.

While certainly, it is important to maintain public safety, it is equally important to ensure that all people’s rights are protected and this includes the rights of drivers during a traffic stop and possible drunk driving investigation.